Different types of people can be friends…

I am really excited about my art project in Hawaii.
I’ll be back there soon. I’m cooking up a great new idea that will include artists from all over the world. The art is to be created out of recycled materials, mostly found in garbage dumps and waste disposal.

I am planning to create a magical environment that allows all kinds of art to be expressed and all kinds of artists to co-create art together. In the area of Hawaii where I am located it appears at first glance to be almost unpopulated, poor and eccentric. However over the last eight years, my opinion has changed.

It’s a very unusual community.

There are people with great wealth, those with medium means, and those with hardly any means at all. It’s a true desert environment with very little water. We experience the trade winds when they blowing from our perches on the dormant side of the volcano with panoramic views of the south pacific ocean.

Within this community all these different types of people are friends.

The cooperate and support each other. There is no local hospital, police station or school. So only the strongest with the clearest intention to remain in a balance survive.

You may ask, Why would I move to such a challenging place? To fulfill my destiny. Indeed the light is most needed in the darkest places. I hope and pray that I will be supported creating a powerful beacon of light through art and magic on the South West Coast of the Big Island of Hawaii.

Blazing tales of wonder,
Remembering all we have ever been and are about to become.
Your sister through chaos and comfort.

Shankari the Alchemist.

One thought on “Different types of people can be friends…”

  1. Hi Shankari, your creative energy & determination as always is inspirational. Your journey has been a great comfort to me while I have been recovering. Your sister in love & light Dale x.

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