Dance and The Power to Heal the Body, Mind and Spirit.

How does dancing and healing come together?

I have been studying Ritual Magic and the power to sustain balance in a world of energy that’s constantly shifting within and without our soul knowing for a long time.

Over the past two years I have come to understand the benefits on every level of the body, mind and spirit when combining dance with ritual. As I was exploring this new world of energy I discovered I was not the first to visit this realization. Hula Dancing is exactly this combination!

I am so excited… in a new state of Being….

Feeling happy and whole after crumbling and rebuilding myself from the inside-out over the past 12 years since my divorce and financial implosion….

I have been healing my grief, pain and loss on The Big Island, Hawaii.

I find the lava desert strangely soothing. No big business out here… nothing but rocks!

I have been blessed beyond measure…By finding the most extraordinary teacher or ‘Kumu Hula’ in Hawaiian.

Kumu Sammi Fo is a dancer of ethereal beauty who celebrates the essence of the Sacred Feminine on every level. She has a long and exciting career from the Hawaiian Room in New York City in the late 50’s to Choreographing big stage shows in Las Vegas and Honolulu.

Sammi was very happily married for over 40 years to an equally wonderful entertainer Buddy Fo. Buddy and his boys would jam with Elvis when he was in the islands in the 50’s. A long and amazing life… Sammi also raised six children, five of Buddy’s and one of their own! Life, Love, Music, Dance… such a wonderful tapestry of grief, pain, joy and bliss… experience is the greatest teacher?

How does she look so wonderful?

Why does she shine and sparkle from inside?

These are questions often asked about Kumu Sammi Fo and Shankari the Alchemist… find out how to sparkle your inner self with Shankari the Alchemist and Kumu Sami Fo in The Rhythms of Life: Blue Fire Ritual and Sacred Hula Dancing, and stay in the beautiful Shankaris Bali Retreat on the West coast of Bali, Indonesia. Book Now

Shankari the Alchemist and Kumu Sammi Fo together and individually will surprise and amaze you on every level of your being. Get ready to discover your own personal… Rhythms of Life!

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