Competition and Living in Joy Part 2

I am living in joy, genuinely happy….

This should not be so, I should be panicking,
I should be in fear of failure, but rather, I am in a kind of ecstasy…

shankari_twitterWhen I examine my situation more closely I realize the difference in my emotional body is the ‘co’…. (that means) ‘together’.

Like most people,
I’ve been lonely in a crowd all my life…
Worried about what others think of me …
Have I worked hard enough?
Have I given enough?

Have I said the right thing to get approval… to feel like I belong?

Now everything is different, I have evolved through experience and disaster.
I have no doubt as to my purpose and my source of joy.

I feel loved and supported by my friends and neighbors as a human being.
I feel loved by the Divine on every level, and I know now, there is absolutely nothing I have to prove to anyone about anything ever again!

THAT my friend…is real freedom!

I am doing my best.
I believe in myself and my mission…
I am ready and willing to experience more joy, more freedom and more abundance.
I share all that I am with no hesitation, in service to the earth and her children… my children…
My family.
Of humanity…
Your family… Our family…
I am ready to allow others to be as competitive as they wish without engaging in the dance…
Let them be…

I am ready to live in joy and let the good times roll!

The ‘good times’ don’t have much to do with money, nor anything physical, ‘the good times’ are inside you, just open the door…

Because it’s now or never!

Let’s give up competition and take up cooperation… on a global scale.
Let’s give up criticism and take up unconditional love of ourselves and each other.

Why not?
Do you have something better to do?

Blazing tales of wonder…
Remembering all we have ever been and are about to become.
Your sister through chaos and comfort …
Shankari the Alchemist… ever learning, always growing…
Hokulani, Hawaii

4 thoughts on “Competition and Living in Joy Part 2”

  1. I’ve been reading your posts and every subject that you’ve covered it seems as if I too am experiencing the same things. I want to thank you because you have helped me become a better person. I’ve always felt alone and disconnected from groups of people. I am a loner yet I am at peace with being alone. My finances are in shambles yet I know that everything is going to be okay. I am working on letting go of competitiveness and focusing on my journey. I love your inspirational words and am deeply inspired. Thank you again.

  2. Hi Shankari,

    You always seem to send me mailings on the exact things in your postings. I’m in a highly competitive field. I’m a Realtor. Talk about competition. It’s a very negative field, but I am being a light to shine through! I keep persevering. And all life is an amazing journey. And in my field I meet all kinds of people and their situations as well. You are my light, just as I’m a light for others. It’s all about having positive connections and experiences with one another. May God Bless you always. Love, Michele…

  3. Hi Michele, I feel for you in your field…. I find it very beneficial to breathe with intent… this may help you to stay focused on your joy… the sales/money will be magnetically aligned to your own sense of worthiness…. breathe deeply and imagine your lung capacity equal to your ability to hold and sustain wealth at every level, how much are you able to expand your capacity for easy access to the breath/wealth/joy of life… since in essence they are all the same thing you can work on one to change your relationship with the other…. I hope to be of service to you and all my sisters and I am thrilled to hear from you that this is so… blessings of power and peace to you sweet sister, may you land the big fish and live a long and happy life. S xxx

  4. Hi there Shirlyn,

    I completely understand the dilemma… between the needs of the hermit for isolation and the needs of the child self for community. I struggle with this one constantly… the hermit needs to be alone because of feeling like we have ‘never done enough’, always exhausted from a kind of self torture that at the end of the day… apparently gives me/you the right to exist!
    I find myself further removed from the mainstream, who all seem to be doing so much better than me. I feel resentful and abandoned for a moment… then I remember… the truth is, they are not!…. They are in just the same mess I am in! The grass always appears greener on the ‘other’ hill!

    It is all part of the illusion… each of us are individual evolving souls, we need to become our own best friend first, but how can we if we don’t believe we have permission to love and care for ourselves?…This builds lots of resentment in the end… and the need for isolation, so we can relax and not feel judged and found wanting by those around us!
    I believe that is the origin of the hermit energy we deal with daily, we feel responsible for everyones pain and its overwhelming…. we need to get away… be alone…
    However isolation is not the solution in the long term because it makes us sick… with guilt!

    After a long period of being in my hermit I begin to feel guilty… something like…. I should be able to help more, I feel responsible for the pain of others, and powerless to do anything valid to make a difference… I’m a failure… no one cares anyway…!
    …and all that crap! The greatest power we can muster is the power to banish this truly dangerous thought package from our life…. what matters is intent. Believe in your own honorable intent and focus your power on the truth…. and what’s that?

    You and I and everyone we meet, whether we know it or not…
    are infinite, immortal beings of light having a human experience… I remind myself of this often… the rest is simply grist for the mill…. the joy must be found in the journey, as a hermit or in the market place, joy is the true currency and fear sends us bankrupt!
    Thankyou for being in my life and encouraging me with your comment. Blessings on your journey S xxx

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