Co-creating with God – Part 1

The other evening I caught a few moments of “Inside the Actor’s Studio”  James Lipton asked his guest Kate Winslet the question, “What do you want to hear from God when you get to the Pearly Gates?” I can’t remember the answer Kate gave but I do remember thinking immediately it would not be what I would say.

Then I gave it a moments thought and without knowing it I answered the question for myself:

I would like to hear “thank you” when I get there!


Double Wow!

I have been contemplating that outrageous response ever since. I was raised a good Christian girl in an average post war middle class Sydney suburb. I sang in the church choir and studied my Bible every day.

I tried to be a good daughter to my mother… I asked God regularly for forgiveness although it never really sat right with me… that I was an evil sinner committed to a life time of begging forgiveness for crimes I was unclear on except of course that one about being born in sin…

If I had stayed in that environment perhaps my response at the Pearly Gates would have been different, maybe less embarrassing or controversial.

However, I have traveled widely, studied seriously, worked and sung and danced and played with many, many people from different nationalities and cultures, different religious persuasions and different socioeconomic groups.

What do they have in common? A lust for life. Desire to grow, a need to be nurtured, a common dream of comfort, security and success in their work and their relationships. These are the common goals of everyone I have ever met and most likely every one you have ever met too!

In Bali there is a belief that God chooses people to work for him and these people are most often unwilling. This is not an uncommon theme in the Bible either. What did Saul of Tarsus do when God appeared in the form of an Angel and asked him to stop feeding his people to the Lions? Did he immediately say “Oh right, so you don’t want me to do that, then I won’t!”

No, instead he more or less said to God… “Are you crazy? I can’t do that!”

So God made him blind and said ‘think about it’ I’ll be back in three days to hear your answer… in three days Saul was sufficiently humbled and gave in and became Paul the great Lion of God… he was so successful in the end there was a period in 200AD. when there were more Paulines in Europe than there were Christians.

The Pauline Church still exists!

Paul wrote two thirds of the New Testament… they are the letters he wrote to the Christian Communities encouraging them to think in a new way about their life and future.

Anyway the point here is that he didn’t want the job but he was forced through the actions of “The God Force” to make a positive difference in the world.

In Bali there are many stories of holy men (I have personally known more than a few of them) who started out as the most notorious rabble rousers or the laziest drunken husbands caught up in gambling and adultery… suddenly one day out of no where they are alone and in their madness they are visited by God in the form of an Ancient Balinese Holy Man or saint or Priest of Legend and told they must get themselves together and begin their work as a healer, helping people rather than wasting themselves away — they most often object.

This is when they are overcome with ‘the spirit’ and realize they have no choice, it’s this new path of service or death! In this moment there is a grand surrender of the small ego and an awakening of higher consciousness.

In this new frequency they have clear access to the Akashic Records (all the information on a subject, past, present and future is held in the Akashic Records)

If you go through the history of all religions you will discover there are very few people who are born ready to be saints and healers, in service to their world.

This is an outcome of personal evolution and experience bringing each of us to our personal Armageddon. It is in the nature of death that there is a seed of life reborn…. As the old dies away there is room for the new.
(to be continued soon…)

PART 1 of 3

4 thoughts on “Co-creating with God – Part 1”

  1. As a person who struggled with alcohol for many years, I am finally learning to embrace all the powerful Goddess energy within me. Shankari jewelry has helped me to reclaim my power. This is a short poem I wrote that describes how I feel, as many do right now. I AM. And that is all I need to BE.

    “Heart, mind and now I’m “souled” on the blessings of God’s infinite wisdom. No longer am I a caged creation. I have paid high prices, replaced guilt with gratefulness, flung open my windows and have simply flown away!”

    With Angelic Blessings,
    Lisa, earth angel of Peace

  2. Hi Shankari, thank you for your wisdom & knowledge as always you are an inspiration. Your sister in love & light Dale x

  3. Thank you! When I enter the gates I am on my knees in emotional devotion and love. Usually i return after I transform the energies I work here. I love. It hurts sometimes. I want to love properly. Successfully. The my bright wings will fly!

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