Co-creating with God – Part 2

So now back to my response to the question,

“What do you want God to say to you when you get to the Pearly Gates?”

My response to this question was ‘thank you’. 

I want God to show his appreciation for what I have done here on earth. Wow!

As I analyze this, I would have to say this indicates I am waiting to get to heaven to feel appreciated.
When I think about it I do feel that God has let me down a lot…

I believe I am in a partnership with a Divine Being that I can’t trust to be on my team.
But then again, God is supposed to be on everyone’s team, because he loves everyone equally.

It’s confusing…

Why do I want God to say ‘Thank You’?

Because I feel like I have been doing it ‘all on my own’ while ‘ he’ watched and found ways to make it harder…

Come to think of it that’s how all my relationships with men have been, I slaved away while they watched and occasionally made it harder…
Why did I create this reality?
“I do not deserve support…none of them ever said thank you so why should God?”

Where does that mentality come from?

Competition is so ingrained in our psyche that we are in competition with God… from lowly sinful servant to a competitor.
That’s the evolution of Western culture; the slaves of ancient days brought to the USA represent 12% of the population of America.
They are such a potent force,  they are now setting the standards in Fashion, Music, Pop Culture and Social Values — culminating in the country’s only hope for economic salvation in the hands of one of their number (…this of course is an illusion because Obama’s father was African from Africa and part of the intellectual elite).

From slave consciousness “pickin’ cotton for the massar!” to “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” that is the unconscious evolution of humanity’s personal relationship with God.

Now, we can’t go backward… 2000 years of begging forgiveness as lowly sinners did not stop sin on earth, in fact as the population has escalated so has the quality and quantity of sinful behaviors… take Enron as an example, waste — that’s the greatest of our sins against each other and the god force.

Waste is deeply entrenched in our culture. The other day I went to ”The Avocado Festival on the big Island of Hawaii. On arrival we were greeted by a man dressed as an avocado who was handing ‘free trash bags for your car” as he handed it to me I was shocked and astounded… they were plastic! Big heavy, slow to decompose plastic…
Lord, when will they thread all the pieces together and have some continuity to their efforts.
It’s time to solve the riddle of human inhumanity to each other in the name of God.

We are supposed to be changing the world for the better, but our God apparently is not.

When you are in relationship with a God that is perceived as critical, judgmental, autocratic, patriarchal and jealous of your attention then you will create partners in your life to treat you the way you believe God treats his Children.

I know this sounds outrageous but just think about it for a moment and check for yourself…

Write a list that describes the qualities of your idea of God then check them against the relationships you have in the third dimension not only those that end in intimacy… all of them.
How do we change the world for the better?

I personally would like to present the idea that we can change our relationship with each other if we begin by changing our relationship to God.
Somehow we have to reprogram our unconscious minds to see God as benevolent rather than judgmental, loving rather than critical, tender rather than ruthless, trustworthy rather than diabolical.

“What do you want God to say to you when you get to the Pearly Gates?”

2 thoughts on “Co-creating with God – Part 2”

  1. Shankari,
    How about Divine Mother as Yogananda talked about her in “Autobiography of a Yogi?” I want to remind you of the feminine aspect of God, the unconditional loving side to balance what you are saying of your experience of God. The Divine Feminine if you will.

    Om, Peace, and Mother’s love to you!

  2. Thank you! I truly appreciate what you share, Shankari,the ability to inquire in a deeper way!
    I realize that not only do we create those reflections, the mirrors in our relationships with ‘The Other’ -we are those qualities that we have judged our concepts of God/dess to be. Consequently, in my moments of True Bitchiness, I realize that these are my responses to feeling let down by my own beliefs in limitation. I then in my attempts at personal power, and belief in this sort of treadmill reality act out the frustration that i have created. It is not very creative, actually…much more of a destructive force. But, through love all things are possible. And that is the Saving Grace for each of us, possibly. To treat ourselves like little children needing tender understanding, somewhat gently. Certainly there are moments to act as if we are in boot camp…and push it to the limit. Compassion in good measure is equally as important, i feel.

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