Clearly seeing it with our imagination is the key to change

Our arsenal for survival and success must contain a vivid imagination!

Imagination is the most powerful tool a human being has at their disposal and it is free!

Developing our “imagination“ grants us the ability to create a bridge to our dreams. Or it can give us the power to step out of our nightmares and into new beginnings, walking our true destiny path.


Clearly “seeing it with our imagination,” is the key to change.

The more we exercise our personal power to “imagine” what we want,  the faster we align with our chosen intent. Our imagination has the power to exist outside time and space. so don’t be surprised if your create your greatest fear before you create your wildest dreams.   Why does this happen? Quite simply because energy follows attention.

Think for a moment about the word “imagination “.  That “mag” in it, indicates that it’s related with the word “magic”…..or if you like, the power to “magnify” our ‘magnificent’ intent. When we use our imagination, coupled with our clear intention, we align with our internal “magician”.  This is how we ‘make  magic happen’!

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