Last night I was given the gift of overview.
I have been very hard on myself lately because I have high expectations.

The overview came in the form of a transmission from a friend from another dimension.
It went like this…

“There must be preparation for the times to come.

Internally and externally. To prepare you, we have been working on your energy field lately which is why you seem discombobulated! You are not the only one. There are many powerful Light Workers who are being ‘conditioned’ for the next stage. You are being forced out of the field of 6th Ray consciousness… that consciousness that celebrates illusion… sickness, healing and healers…  exalting the relationship between the master and the student and the energy that comes with personal attachments…”
If you want to know more about the 7 Rays (I am not an expert by any means ) check out “Tapestry of the Gods” by Michael D. Robbins, Ph.D…

Kicking and screaming, against our wishes (but not our soul’s will ) we are being forced into 7th Ray consciousness!

It’s time to grow up! Into our uniqueness!

We’ve been moving through a frequency that for its own purposes has had us growing down!
Forcing us into a world of sameness and illusion… The Matrix!

What is the energy of Ray 7?

Community consciousness at it’s highest intent, absolute equality…   7th Ray energy is the energy of the Great Mystery Schools of antiquity, a world of community consciousness at its highest frequency, that allows for everyone’s uniqueness.

Just to be very clear… one of the greatest teaching aspects of the 6th Ray is illusion whereas one of the greatest teaching aspects of the 7th Ray is uniqueness.

I am living here in Hawaii, on the Big Island, a place called Ocean View… It is almost at the edge of the known world, looking out to the ocean from the side of a volcano… 5,000 years ago there was a great temple here and a powerful Mystery School, now it is buried under the lava. I am here as custodian to the energy… awaiting the triggers that will allow us all to express our genius…

Just before this exchange explaining about the energy of the 7 Rays I was beginning to doubt myself and my purpose… I knew there was something wrong with me… I couldn’t get into a balance and be the normally super productive person I am.

I know now that if I had not stopped and gone home to Bali to recover my center I would have literally died which was not in the plan!

I am writing this to give everyone hope.

It will be okay.

We have to change… Internally and externally…

In order to carry more cosmic force and be of more service to ourselves and our beautiful blue planet, we need to grow up! look up! Allow our hearts to be lifted up for no good reason and celebrate!

What are we celebrating?


And is there a scarier thing in the world?

Blazing Tales of wonder,

Remembering all we have ever been and are about to become,

Your sister through chaos and comfort,

Shankari the Alchemist.

Hawaii May7 2010

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