The Portal Ritual

The purpose of learning and practicing The Portal Ritual is freedom… freedom more subtle than you can understand until you are there….

Through breath and focused intent, the practice of The Portal ritual will open a new gateway of energy within yourself. Allowing greater power and balance in your life, providing more freedom at every level.

The Portal into the next dimension is easily accessed, however you must have the energetic integrity to handle this amount of energy… this is why we teach the Rituals in this order….

  1. The Blue Fire Ritual
  2. The Portal Ritual
  3. The Activation Ritual

Ritual is a powerful tool, used throughout the ages by all cultures.

The purpose and function of ritual and initiation is to bypass the conscious mind. The conscious mind, analyses and controls, filters and judges events and people surrounding us constantly… it keeps us so earth-bound and limited in our thinking of who we are and what we have the power to do!  Through the practice of these new Rituals of Galactic Magic we are evolving into multidimensional Beings… super humans of the future…

The Portal Ritual builds strength and integrity in all five of your bodies, mental, physical, emotional, personality and soul body.

Through the practice of the Portal Ritual combined with The Blue Fire Ritual…. you are awakening your whole potential as a human being while building strength in your New Light Body.

This class is only available to previous students of The Blue Fire Ritual.

The Benefits of Practicing the Portal Ritual

1. All Galactic Magic is empowered through the breath

Through the breath you become connected above and below, accessing life force on a whole new level. When this occurs within the context of ritual the effects are palpable this is because the energy is directed through intent. The intent to heal the body is a powerful tool to develop your skills with energy. For instance:

There is no doubt the lung becomes more powerful, healed of all grief and disease through the practice of Ritual and breathing with conscious intent.

2. The Portal Ritual builds focus within your power to intend on a galactic scale

We are no longer earth bound humans; struggling for space and time… the Portal Ritual brings a new vibration into your being…. Many regular practitioners of The Blue Fire Ritual and The Portal Ritual have remarked they feel they have the power to extend and contract time at will!

3. The more power you carry the more magnetic you become…

The more sexually attractive and active (fertile) you will become… so plan well, if you are of child bearing age! The levels of aliveness in the cells of your body are heightened through the regular practice of The Blue Fire Ritual and The Portal Rituals. This makes every cell of your face and body more alive, youthful. Magic is a very fertile, powerful field of energy, coming from the pure energy of Shakti Herself.

4. Personal Power

Personal Power is very alluring, as yours builds through the practice of The Rituals, use it wisely.

5. The More balance, strength, integrity and stamina you build within yourself the easier it will be to build and sustain Healthy Relationships with others in your life.

Everything is a mirror of everything else… fractals is what the world of science calls it. ‘As in the macrocosm…. It is so in the microcosm’. As you access your personal power as a Galactic Magician, a conduit of light and a healing force upon the earth, your integrity and compassion are essential to maintain. Healthy Relationships are evidence of a healthy relationship with yourself…

Self abandonment is the origin and outcome of all our painful acts of self betrayal! Forgiveness is the best medicine for everyone.

6. Activating yourself as a Conduit of Light between the furthest star and the center of the earth through the Blue Fire Ritual is just the first step. Through the practice of The Portal Ritual you can manifest your own Portal or gateway into the next dimension. Exciting isn’t it!?

I have studied Kabala and Egyptian Magic, Druid and Celt… these are all wonderful traditions of the earth, they were either lunar or solar based. They kept our evolving human spirit safely in this solar system of energy and influence.

This has changed now. There are many galactic rays of energy entering the earth plane during these completion days of the cycle…

For those of you who have practiced the Blue Fire ritual with me, come and join us for the next step in your evolution. Learn the Portal Ritual and focus your intent. We will be together during the last weeks of a 26,000 year cycle of evolution.

To find out more about Rhythms of Life: Hula and Portal (click here)



So what happened 26,000 years ago? The Neanderthals were overcome by Homo Sapiens and we as a race became dominant on earth…. A new and powerful race upon the earth…. This is our destiny… to be evolving as conduits of light, becoming light workers for the Divine Mother of All Creation in the last moments of this long and astounding cycle of evolution upon the earth… let’s prepare to become Light Workers as the New Calendar becomes all that remains…. They over lapped for a while you know…. So there would not be too much chaos as we change into multi dimensional beings, enjoying the earth and all her beauty from a new perspective, one of Freedom, Equality and Forgiveness.

The Joy in Creativity

As a child I wanted to ‘dress up’ and ‘perform’… I loved fancy dress parties and any excuse to dance was somehow a wicked celebration!

Suburban Sydney, post WWII, I was a small child, born in 1951. There was no such thing as culture, my community was very small; just my parents, who didn’t speak to each other; a lot of combat damaged veterans and their families and the pig farms down the road.

In my late forties on a visit to my home in Sydney, my mother surprised me by recounting that as a small child, every time we went to town, I would spend the whole bus ride entertaining the passengers by singing and dancing, “with great enthusiasm”.

I have absolutely no memory of doing this!

Perhaps I had good reason to block it out. Probably lots of judgment and disapproval, from all directions. Children had no place to put their joy in those days; we were made to feel guilty for surviving!

I have an ambition. To re-activate dance and theater in every culture. Giving the children the chance to shine in a very personal way, in the process. I am aiming at building dance schools across the globe. There is no age determination.  Everyone can join in and enjoy the process of cross-cultural celebration, through the arts; everyone is welcome!

In Hawaii, Bali, Japan and Australia, things are happening that will amaze and astound you; the dance in the Garden of Life has a new rhythm: The rhythm of the new calendar, the rhythm of the 7th Ray.

I will explain; we have come from the energy field of the 6th Ray, recently entering the energy field of the 7th Ray. This is the Ray of equality and ultimate freedom. (A ‘Ray’ is a stream of intergalactic energy aimed at the earth from the heart of the galaxy, the Rays qualify the energy we are dealing with on a global basis.

The energy signature of the 6th Ray could be described as a pyramid. Within this structure there is always someone at the top and layers of people with less and less power underneath them.

This describes humanities relationship with blame; it’s always someone else’s fault or responsibility when things go wrong! Consequently all the wealth/reward is held by those toward the top with most power. In this reality everyone is constantly measuring themselves against each other; we end up feeling “different” or “not good enough”, an outsider.

I am Shankari the Alchemist and I want to bring back the dance; to everyone who wants to move their feet and swing their arms. Healthy humans, love to dance and sing, it’s in our soul knowing. Come to Bali in November and become part of the celebration, learn personal Ritual Magic with me and Hula dancing with Sammi Fo from Big Island Hawaii! Join our Balinese Hula Halau and celebrate all the Pacific Islands and their spectacular natural beauty through dance.

In Bali we have over sixty children in our traditional dance school and more joining every week! I am sponsoring the resurrection of Balinese dance and theater in Tabanan area North West Bali, on the 28th November this year we will be performing for the Birthday of our city, Tabanan; Hula and Balinese Dance, cross pollination of the arts is the surest way to build bridges of peace between nations.

I believe the average person globally just wants a chance to raise their children in peace and grow healthy and happy as a family within a productive life of contribution.

As we become involved in the arts, great joy and happiness will descend upon us! I find my own inner child is healed in some new way every time I dance myself or watch these little ones discover dance for themselves.

Come and join myself and Sammi Fo in Bali for one or more of the “Rhythms of Life” workshops we are offering in November. Become activated in a completely new way, heal your inner child and celebrate your potential for becoming a light worker to the world of darkness!

This is a pure fun and healing event, designed to awaken a new place of joy within your Beingness.  Come and help me rock the world with love for dance and inspire the children to become all they can be!

Blazing tales of wonder, your sister through chaos and comfort, remembering all we have ever been and are about to become…
Blessings from Shankari the Alchemist xxxx

Never Keep a Routine for Long

Lets get something straight right from the start… as an infinite immortal being of light having a human experience we can NEVER DIE!

We are also constantly swinging throughout your journey on earth from male to female incarnation and back again…. For the sake of experience and evolution. We thrive on change… in fact we need to be challenged and seek change if we want to grow internally.

One of my teachers would often admonish his students by saying; “never keep a routine for long”! Why? Because they make you feel so safe you stop thinking and part of you begins to go to sleep and become unconscious…. What we are in search for is an experience of full consciousness not half consciousness because it is convenient and cozy!  This is the master plan of the enemy! Don’t be fooled into thinking everything is sweet and light…. How can it be? We live in a polarized world, for every bright light there is an equally dark hole, our job is to navigate our journey through the potholes and spotlights of life and find the place where we can be of most service to the greatest good! Finding that place is the tricky part…. I absolutely believe in our power to become an ascended race living in the third/fourth dimension under the influence of Ray 7….  Equality, forgiveness, compassion. Let’s make that happen! Who’s with me?

The Danger of Self Pity..!

Shankari and a Singing StoneSelf Pity ….. There is no more dangerous material on Earth! If you want success in your life. You must be prepared to surrender the need for self pity and move into the energy of the hero!

You may wish to perceive this in terms of the victim or the victor! The victor experiences victory over the challenges they face for as long as they do not indulge themselves in self pity!


Self pity is the food of the victim!

My mother was deaf and as an outcome she approached her life in a more philosophical way than most women of her times. She constantly reminded us that God would not give anyone a job they couldn’t do if they really tried their best.

I believe she had a difficult life and as a result of her personal experience she brought a great deal of authority to our experience of life. She always said to us….. “All care will be shown but no sympathy!”

Sympathy is for wimps that want to be reminded of their weakness….. Instead you should show compassion which is the belief in their ability to overcome and succeed against the odds!
There is no more time for self pity. There is only time for action!

Action is the solution to self pity!

Taking action in service to your success and in celebration of your unique gifts for the world.

Go and do it now! Yes Yes Yes!

Blazing tales of wonder remembering all we have ever been and are about to become. S xxx

How to become beautiful..?

Self Worth and Beauty have an intriguing relationship. They both create a similar reaction in those people around you. When you feel worthy it really effects your experience. Others may try to inspire it in you, but no one can give it to you, that is a choice that you make.

“But how…?”

The first step is to understand the difference between Self Worth and Arrogance. In your quest to improve Self worth can co exist with humility. Self worth is not threatened by humility. Arrogance becomes violent and aggressive in nature when confronted with humility.

True beauty stems from self worth. People with similar levels of self worth gravitate together, regardless of their looks. The quality of your experience in this world is often a by product of your self worth. No amount of fancy words will save you. No amount of make up can cover up your own self image. It’s clearly visible to all those around you.

Have heart because it takes practice and tenacity to genuinely improve.

Be gentle, be kind, be honest with your self.

Self worth is the true currency of the wise and beautiful. It is your birth right.

Is money your friend?

Shankari under the cherry blossoms at Zengoji temple in JapanIs money your friend? Most people see money through very emotionally tinted eyes. Your core underlying beliefs are really your parent’s core beliefs this mechanism of survival is not often a path of abundance.

The way your parents felt about money is one of your underlying core beliefs that may be destroying your potential for financial success.

Discover your true relationship with money and adjust it to where it is in your true service. Not simply playing out the old patterns constantly “making yourself right,” that there’s not enough……. Time, space or money …… To keep you safe, give you rest or bring you true love. In fact it is not money that provides you with these things. This is the grand illusion of our life and times.

In all circumstances it is your ability to create and sustain good relationships with people, places and objects that determines your ultimate success and power to survive against the odds. The key is in retaining custody of your emotional body rather than allowing it to rule your every waking moment!

True power lies in your ability to adapt to new circumstances while being creative with the resources you have rather than complaining about what you don’t have.

Wealth is a frequency of Being. Love yourself enough to learn how to bring yourself to balance and stay flexible and strong under pressure. True wealth and freedom are experienced only when you are in a balance. Blessings from the winds of Hawaii Shankari xx

Successful Healing

Omah wearing a big Shankari pendantThere are lots of very successful ways to address healing your emotional body and bringing all your bodies into alignment. The main factor is you must first and foremost “want” to heal it rather than wallow around it whilst saying to your self and others, “its not there and I’m not wallowing!”

The decision that you are worthy of a better life with more joy and less suffering has to come from deep within your Being. You must create a vision of your future and move towards it steadfastly. What do you deserve? What will you do to create your dreams? How much of the “victim within you” will you need to heal in order to begin creating your future success.

Its all in your hands! No matter how resentful you feel and how much blame you can assign to others for past events. Your next moment and your entire future is in your hands and no one elses. It’s up to you to decide what you are willing to commit to in the name of your personal evolution.

by the way, the picture on the left here is my second son Omah.

Blazing tales of wonder remembering all we have ever been and are about to become Your sister through comfort and chaos Shankari xx

Growing Up

Shapes and SizesLearning to love your self is the greatest gift you can give your self. Accept all that you have been in order to be who you are now.

This is no simple feat when our life and the winds of change shape and bend us. We are challenged to keep growing up. To remain flexible within the midst of our experiences all the while staying grounded is the key.

Learn to love and accept the shape of your life and perhaps even more importantly the shape of your body. Love your self as you are so that you may continue to grow up and towards your true destiny.

I photographed this tree today. From my observation this tree has experienced considerable winds while it has grown tall.

Be as you are, accept your contours, curves and shapes. Reach for the sky! Aspiration is your birthright!

Blazing tales of wonder, remembering all we have ever been and are about to become….
Your sister through chaos and comfort
–  Shankari the Alchemist

Walk Tall…

Have you ever noticed how most people walk with their head in front of their bodies?

Do you know how much extra work this is every day? All those muscles have to strain and stress to hold your head in that position. It is exhausting!

Most people go head first through life because they believe their mind is their greatest resource and they need to have it ‘out front’.
But what happens is with the head first attitude the body and spirit are left behind.

Take a moment as you step out into your day to hold your head over your shoulders and walk with your spine straight and tall. As you embody this level of grace in your physical body your experience of life follows in the same manner.

Balanced, present and powerful because all your bodies have aligned with this simple action. You are powerful, because you have aligned with Divine Right Order and are slipping into a new frequency of being.

To walk with your head high and your heart open is the most courageous thing you can do. In this position you will discover great support from the universe, you are designed to succeed with grace….. Walk Tall….
Blessings from Hawaii Shankari xx