“Breathing… There’s nothing like it!”

If I were in charge of the Education Departments in schools all over the world, I would make ‘breathing’ the very first thing I taught children from a very early age.

Just think about it for a moment, How long can you go without food? How long can you go without water? How long can you go without breathing?

Sacred Blue FrogSo which one of these would you say was the most important?
Yet in our culture we are drowning in information of all sorts about food and water but nothing about breathing!
Breathing is a skill, it’s free and empowers the individual. Perhaps that’s why we never hear about it?

I am self taught, originally from books when I was 18 years old and still in high school. I found the ability to control my emotions through the use of my breath very liberating as you might imagine.

Unfortunately this level of self control and my inability to be intimidated by the headmistress (who had made me wait outside her office for forty five minutes… more than enough time to have practiced my square breathing techniques to control fear to the point of euphoria) I was considered to be “undermining the influence of the teaching staff” so I was expelled from school on those grounds.

Since understanding the power of breath from an early age and exploring many different ways it may be used to empower anything I choose to learn, execute or discover within myself and within the world around me. I am a student of the mysteries in all their forms and I believe there is perhaps nothing more mysterious than the power of the breath when used with absolute intent.

I have studied the connected breath (Rebirthing) that allows you to plug your emotions back into the past to discover the old beliefs held in your deep emotional memory. The ones that keep sabotaging you in the present.
I have learned the power of breath in relationship to martial arts, while studying Tai Chi.

Esoteric healing sound and choral singing are equally as dependant on my ability to control my breath.
Breathing is the essence when I practice yoga or any physical exercise system.
In fact I cannot think of a single thing in my life that has not benefited from my original understanding about the breath.
The deep powerful breath that travels compressed down the back of your throat, is now commonly called ‘The Wijaya Breath”.

When you breathe compressed air down the back of your throat you give yourself access to a much greater lung capacity. When you breathe down the front of your throat you take in small short breaths that do not allow you access to more oxygen for the brain.

I am a body alchemist as much as I am anything else and breath is the most powerful of all the tools in this discipline. The way we breathe influences the amount of oxygen in our blood which qualifies our ability to think and act with precision and purpose. When the blood becomes deoxygenated the body, in an effort to bring more oxygen to the brain responds with the condition known as ‘blood pressure’.

In fact to breathe with power from an early age is a gift beyond price. Let me know if you are interested in learning how to create a new experience of your life on every level by learning how to breathe with intent and purpose. Become your own healing agent, save money on medicine and prescription drugs… breathing is free!

Blazing tales of wonder,

Remembering all that we have ever been and are about to become.

Your sister in chaos and comfort.

Shankari the Alchemist

11 thoughts on ““Breathing… There’s nothing like it!””

  1. How wonderfully expressed! Shankari, you were gifted with the ability to learn to control the external forces and not let them infuse your inner-self by using breathing to maintain your body’s internal harmony. In the example you provided, there were plenty of external forces of fear, threat and others things that were not in control; however you maintained what was in your control and your greatest power! What a wonderful example of using the time between reaction and response to truly be in power. Perhaps you will create a class, workshop or audio CD to be available on this topic, along with an empowering pendant!

  2. Hi Shankari, I would be most interested in these breathing techniques. Thank you. Your sister in love & light Dale.

  3. sure i know of the powers of breathing , i learnt yoga nidra from my guru satyanand saraswati ,and did without tranquilisers and painkillers after my surgery.
    I am your admirer some day would like to meet you in person.

  4. Please, share! This topic has been so scantily covered, if not left completely bare in modern “spiritual” literature! This knowledge would be a great boon! I await more wisdom with “bated breath”!

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  6. Hello
    Yes please I would love some information on BREATH work

    Thankyou for all you do


  7. Greeting Shankari,
    I am delighted to see the topic of How importance is it to Breath correctely. Yes i would love to join you to experience the journey to divine breathing.

    God Blessed you
    Reiki love & Light
    Chit Lee Cheung (Jenny)

  8. Thank you for the session on breathingl I hadn’t realized the breath could be controlled in the back area.

    I appreciate the thoughts you share with us.

  9. As I am presently dealing with ‘blood pressure’ issues, I would most definitely enjoy learning more about creating new experiences at every level of my life through breathing with intent and purpose. YES!!! If only from a financial perspective. Breathing is free. Glaxo-Smithkline isn’t!!!

  10. Dear Shankari the Alchemist,

    I am a Christian myself and I learn now more an more from the so-called Christian esoteric/hermeticist tradition. I am suffering from severe pains in my chest with breathing problems because of unresolved emotional problems. Now I have found a good breath therapist in the Netherlands who is a pupil of a great master of Hetty Draayer who was herself a pupil of the great von Dürckheim, who wrote among other good books, a book on the HARA. Now I am learning to breathe well from the chi-point. I am looking for reading material on the alchemist tradition concerning proper, trans-formative breathing.
    I was struck by these icons: http://www.getty.edu/art/gettyguide/artObjectDetails?artobj=3278&handle=li and http://tars.rollins.edu/Foreign_Lang/Russian/rutran.jpg on the transfiguration of Christ. Notice that the light of Christ is spreading out from the hara or chi-point and not from the mystic heart.
    I heard from my teacher that the alchemists spoke in this respect of two stones. In the so-called pelvic floor, through exercise, there happens to emerge a fusion of energies, which makes up for the so-called ‘lower’ or ‘minor’ stone.
    The second or ‘major’ stone (second fusion of energies on a higher level, in the heart) is the true ‘stone of the wise’, which makes possible the birth of Christ in the mystic heart. In terms of ‘births’ one can say that the Christ child first get created in the bowl/pelvic/womb and later, after a transformation process in the mystic heart.With Mother Mary however this child was first born in her mystic heart (because of her purity), and then from within her womb.

    Some recommendation of interesting books on the subject?


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