Birthdays Bring up stuff!

As you know it was recently my birthday…
Time to access where I’m going and what I’m doing… in my new body.

From extensive personal experience, I know that birthdays most often bring out the worst in us because they represent a time of intense self analysis…

I don’t know anyone that simply has a “happy birthday” no matter how well intentioned everyone else in their life may be…  because birthdays have been filled with drama since that dramatic day when you and I were born!

Shankari's Bali RetreatBirthdays bring up ‘stuff’… they make us question our intent, our purpose and our position in the game plan…
If we have not eaten well and are short on brain fuel we will become very self critical… try not to do this… it is so destructive in the long run…

This birthday has been no different for me!
I have been reassessing who I am, where I am meant to be and how to best use my limited resources in service to my personal and spiritual evolution and that of the world around me…  and still take good care of my beloved staff in Bali… (all 120 of them) and their families…

I have been amazed as I walk through my remarkable creation in Bali…
So much hope, love and energy has been shared here, so many dreams and schemes have unfolded and become reality… 20 years is a long time.

I am reminded everywhere of how much I have been loved and have had the opportunity to love in return… this is the great blessing!

I am reminded by all my creations to love myself unconditionally, to stop criticizing myself and putting myself down when I do not measure up…

That’s why I started the “Sparkle Club”,  so that on your birthday there would be a wonderful, special opportunity to change your energy, through upgrading your jewels.

I have a new piece myself… it’s a silver belt buckle, made with inlaid rubies and then gold dipped.
I have designed it to take any color belt… thanks to the wonders of Velcro!

This may not seem so auspicious, but I must share with you… five kids… never left me with a waist!
I have lived most of my adult life waistless!
Now, thanks to a few well planned exercises and some commitment I have a svelt figure and for the first time… in decades, I have a waist! So… what to do but flaunt it!Shankari

I am excited, I am ‘born again’.
I am one of those people who was born old and serious and have finally learned to play as I have become older… it seems like a contradiction in terms but that’s the truth. As a child I felt very responsible for my mother, now finally as an ‘older woman’, I have raised my kids and built my business on rules of freedom and responsibility in equal measure…

Now it is time to enjoy the ‘freedom’ part… and let the others take on the responsibility.
I have a waist and now it is adorned with an amazing belt buckle filled with rubies, to activate a nobility and wealth frequency within my solar plexus.

So far it seems to be working like a charm!
Blessings on your day… be kind to yourself… you’re worth it!

And blessings of the same nature to Obama whose birthday is the day after mine on the 4th of August… may his time be one of angel blessings and may his inner and outer critics… take the day off!

Love and blessings from beautiful Bali…
Blazing tales of wonder, remembering all we have been and learning to love what we are becoming…..   Sxxxxxx

9 thoughts on “Birthdays Bring up stuff!”

  1. Shankari – it was lovely to see you again in Ocean View. Jeni is with us here in Santa Barbara but will be returning in Sept. – if she can give enough massages to earn her fare back! Her birthday is Aug. 6th – guess what she’s hoping to get. I am remaining firm, however. Remember she made her choice for her present from her Dad and me …. her lovely ring. $$$ can come from her bros.
    Good for you for having a waist! I also have given birth to 5 and don’t have a waist. But then I never did unless I was wearing a “waist pincher” and then I couldn’t breathe.
    Hopefully we’ll meet again – probably not in Bali but certainly in Hawaii!!

  2. Happy Birthday! 2009 is definately year of the LEO. We’re reinventing ourselves in body and soul. We’re feeling and looking younger than we have in years. Just hear us roar in 2010.
    Birthday blessings, from a sister leo.

  3. I wish you Happy, BLISSFUL, JOY, LAUGHTER and all those very Important things… time so you may you grow more childlike as the years go by and continue to amaze yourself for who you are and what you are sharing in the world. THANK YOU FOR BEING YOU!

  4. Happy Birthday Shankari, you have brought so much happiness and joy to all those around you and now moving into a new beginning as you are born again. May this freedom give you the time to play and to enjoy what you have created and given to so many. Love and Light.

  5. Happy Birthday to You (imagine the singing!!) May the light, joy and peace you have given, be returned 10 fold. So glad you have found your waist and childlike playfulness. I am working on finding mine as well!! The waist is coming and I am leading laughter yoga classes to reach the inner childlike playfulness. You have been… and are… an inspiration to many. Thanks for sharing yourself with the world.

  6. Happy belated birthday to the amazing Shankari! You are such a special, totally unique, blessedly creative, giving, kind, generous, immensely talented, wonderful, and giving person and teacher. Thank you for your awesome site and words of wisdom. You more than deserve all that you have and all that you are!

    With love and blessings,

    A grateful fan

  7. Om Shankari,
    To quote Picasso, “It takes a long time to become young.” Looks like you’re well on your way.
    Many blessing in the year ahead.
    Om, Shanti, Namaste, to the divine within you from the divine within me.

  8. Hi my friend, hope you had a wonderful birthday, it certainly looks like it was a wonderful day for you. I am so glad you are enjoying your family & friends around you. I wish you love, happiness & contentment. Your sister in love & light Dale xx.

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