today is my birthday

Yes it’s true…
Today is my birthday… I am 58 years old today.
Where did the time go? I still feel like a spring chicken, despite five kids and nearly six grand kids and a few international companies!

I arrived in Bali 21 years ago to start a new life; it has been a roller coaster, of constant challenge, that built strong internal certainty of who I am and what I am here to do…
Somehow it appears, despite all the convolutions we have survived and prospered … to some extent….

It is, never the less, a hard day.

I am swinging between tears and laughter on a moment to moment basis.

As my wise mother used to say… “Wherever you go… there you are!”
So if there is anything I would like to share with you from my experience it’s this… love yourself along the way. Don’t wait for someone else to tell you that you are worthy, or have made it!

Love yourself along the journey…
Down every side track and dark alley it takes you on…
Love yourself when you fail,
Love yourself when you are scared,
Love yourself when you feel no one else does…
Do not make success conditional upon your feeling of loveability…
No one else is as invested in your success as you.
One of the most important lessons this journey has brought me is to keep the faith!
Keep the faith in your own mission.
Keep the faith in who you are at your core,
Keep the faith that you are beloved of God and indeed, deserve the best.

Why do I say this?

Because this is the hardest thing to do along the journey…
You will always eventually find the money to pay your bills.
You will eventually resolve your differences with others and follow the cultural patterns of social behavior into old age… but if you lose faith in yourself along the way…. that is true bankruptcy!

There is no pill for that!
There is no solution… this is the fertile ground for annihilation!
People choose different poisons but all for the same effect… self destruction, because they believe in their own worthlessness!

Keeping the faith in yourself, in tact and sacred is your primary mission when the proverbial sh.t hits the fan… with no faith, all else goes to rack and ruin…

My blessing to you all today is to remember once again, you are the beloved of the Divine Mother of All Creation and she loves each of us absolutely and completely, because we are her children of the light!

That’s why I make my jewelry, to remind people of ‘the light’ within them.
To remind everyone who has the power to wear my jewels of just who they are and how special their role is in the future of our world…

I wear my Talisman of Power pieces to remind me to hold my faith in my true purpose, which is to love and be loved…

To do the best I can with what I have, and remember, to celebrate each moment as if it was my last… the joy is in the journey, not the destination…

Never miss a minute of the fun… celebration is our greatest resource and surest revenge! Hee hee hee!

Blazing birthday tales of wonder, through chaos and comfort S xxxx

3 thoughts on “today is my birthday”

  1. Hooray!
    It’s your birthday. 🙂
    This post is so wonderful and welcome.
    Thank you for sharing on your special day.
    Like many of your readers, I often have the experience in which, whenever you create a piece of writing, it seems to speak directly to me. It’s interesting that something SO intimate can be shared as a common experience.
    In thinking about your birthday and you, Shankari, I wish that there was something that I could give you that reflects how much you have given me.
    Just as background for our friends here, I worked with Shankari on Truth Speaking, the live radio broadcast that went out every Tuesday night. Over the course of working with Shankari on Truth Speaking, I grew. I woke up and realized that I was broken… or asleep — I lost my sense of self. Through our conversations every Tuesday, I grew to understand that I deserved and had the responsibility to love myself and be my own keeper.
    The Production company I worked for that housed the radio station ran out of money, and I lost my job. At the same time, my marriage ended and I moved in with my parents with my 2 year old son, wondering how I was going to get through the winter, as I was having difficulty finding a job and it was tough all over.
    Even though I was clueless about what was happening next, I felt so free and alive.
    I refused to be unemployed and desperate.
    And Shankari, week after week had been there for me, my marriage dissolved on the air. We shared our life experiences and she was there for me… for all of us, and was (and is) my inspiration.

    Shankari told me that I had to come to Bali.
    And I knew in my heart that I had to go… that my journey continued there. I knew that I had to listen to what my heart said and make choices based on what I was hearing.
    So we went to Bali, not really knowing what to expect or for how long we would be there.
    And now, almost a year later… in Bali with my son who is now 3, and an amazing cast of characters, friends and loved ones… I am in Part 2 of my awakening.

    There are a million things that I could say to you Shankari about the time we have spent together up until now, about Bali and the magical world that you have created here, the secret mysteries, the opportunities, SO many things!

    It’s inspiring to work with you and to hear the stories of the men and women in the comments here and elsewhere that lend constant inspiration as well… we are also a family and I am honored to be a part of this circle.

    For now, I would just like to thank you for being my friend and sister and guide. Thank you for everything you have done and are doing right now.
    Happy Birthday.
    I love you.

  2. Shankari, Dear one – Abundant blessings on this very special day. Love to your mother and father who created you and to our Creator for all that you are. I love wearing my 2 beautiful pieces that you created. May the tears and joy merge effortlessly, Adriene

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