The balance of light and dark…

Doesn’t time just fly by?!
It seems it was only yesterday we were celebrating the Spring Equinox.

This is a very potent time of year because it’s when the energy of nature has reached a pivot point of equilibrium… Night and day are the same length and after that moment the energy begins to recede once again.

It’s a solar event…

The moment when day’s journey reaches the moment of equality with the night…
It’s a marriage of equal yet opposite energy….
A time of change and integration…

Lately I find that I have become a burden unto myself as my fear of the future has made me blind.

Now I understand!

To be blind is to be forced to begin to use your other senses.
To awaken to the whole of yourself and not to focus on the small part that lives in fear of lack.

I am ready…

As I sit here in my garden in Hawaii… it is such a beautiful evening.
I can feel the energy of the Goddess lifting me up…
The stars are so bright I feel inclined to sing to them!
With my imagination I stretch out my hand, take a few and pop then into my mouth.

As I swallow, I actually feel a sparkling effervescence inside traveling down my body and through every cell.
I am filled with stellar energy and ready for the next step…
The equinox when used properly can support your life into great change

The autumn equinox leads into winter so it is a time where you are naturally contracting and taking stock of your stores for the winter ahead.
A time of preparation for hibernation…
But not forever…
In only six months time everything will change to the reverse position and the energy is awakening and preparing for the joyous nature of summer.
I will be in Bali!

My students and I will have made monsters — Ogoh-Ogohs from bamboo, leaves and jeweled paper…
We will dance in the streets with them… attracting the negative energy that surrounds us, carrying it in a theatrical procession followed by the members of the whole village and what seems to be a hundred screaming children… to the river’s beach… their faces alive with anticipation and adrenaline…

When we reach the bank of the river the monsters will be burned down in preparation for the day of complete silence that follows…
, a sacred event in Bali.
An experience of a lifetime…
The whole island of Bali goes into silence so that they can clear the energy in preparation for the year ahead in gratitude for all the blessings already received.

Come and join me in Bali for the next equinox…
Pray with me and be cleansed by the sacred waters of the crocodile temple…
Meet the wonderful old women that are the priests of this amazing jungle temple and ancient sacred space.
In the coming weeks I will be sharing more information about how you can participate and prepare yourself for the coming journey.

The equinox…
Such a great inspiration!
With mother nature, nothing ever stays the same because to be alive we will always experience the OPPORTUNITY FOR CHANGE
Use it wisely!
How are YOU going? Are you feeling inspired?
Have you found some solutions? How can I help?

Blazing tales of wonder remembering all we have ever been and are about to become.
Riding the lightning bolt of change in the new millennium
Your sister through chaos and comfort
Shankari the Alchemist xxx

2 thoughts on “The balance of light and dark…”

  1. Ok Shankari I want to take you up on your invitation to Bali!! I think it is so great for so many to participate in energy clearing. Could you imagine if all of LA would participate in clearing negativity that would amazing. Maybe something good will happen this week… the Dali Lama is coming to LA this Friday!

  2. I feel that our whole planet is seeking balance. I am impatient
    with the process and slowness of evolution. We humans must
    individually and collectively find yin/yang balance to evolve.

    P.S. If I could afford it financially, I would buy your
    Mermaid’s Pearl Pendant. It is absolutely exquisite.

    Namaste to all, Marilyn

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