Being in the moment

Sometimes people see me running around with such excitement they ask me how can I be sure… How can I be so positive about the existence of my Angels and Guides?

My answer is simple.

I have had a number of experiences in this life where I would be dead if it were not for their intervention.

I will tell you of one such occasion so you can judge for yourself.

It was a full moon, we had just moved into a new house in Bungan Beach on Sydney’s North Shore.  A beautiful old building in the style of a Spanish ‘hacienda’, with a big stone fireplace and wide ocean views through big glass windows.

A hot summer evening after midnight,  I was naked as I passed through the moonlight streaming through the living room windows, on my way to the bathroom.

I entered the dark room… half asleep,  it was pitch black, with a damp, earthy smell, being built almost underground.

I reached out for my toothbrush…
I hadn’t put the light on yet…
I knew just where my toothbrush was and I was enjoying the darkness, when out of nowhere… as if someone were shouting inside my head I heard, “put the light on!”…

Quite surprised by this strange instruction…
I stopped for a moment, reconsidered… then thought to myself, ‘I don’t need the light, I know exactly where my toothbrush is and began to reach out again…

PUT THE LIGHT ON“…the voice screamed at me again, this time with such force that I felt compelled to obey, switching the light on, wondering what was the big deal…

I looked straight at my toothbrush and discovered to my horror… a large, lethal, black, hairy legged Funnel Web Spider was sitting right on top of the bristles!
One bite from one of these babies and you are dead in five minutes!

The recent rain must have forced it out of it’s funnel home in the ground…
Australia has a few of these deadly sorts… we live with them on a regular basis… without incident.Power of Breath

This is quite amazing since the really scary thing about Funnel Web Spiders is… they actually get up on their hind legs and attack when you disturb them rather than scurry away like most reasonable spiders.

When I realized my situation… naked, with a deadly spider within a few inches of my outstretched hand…

I could understand their agitation and the tone of their instruction.

A cold shiver ran through my whole body as I contemplated how close I had come to certain death…

If I didn’t have friends in “the unseen Real”, I wouldn’t be here today to tell this story,  I would have died long ago!

I absolutely know I am protected in order to live out my contract and fulfill my mission… that’s what gives me such confidence in my every day life.

I am unusual…  I don’t have faith… I don’t hope… I have the certain knowledge of my constant support from the unseen real… call them any name you like… they are there all the time…

My ‘other dimensional team’ and we work together to get things done…

There are a number of these strange stories I will share with you in the near future… in the mean time… remember you are never alone, because you are the leader of a team!

So what goes wrong?
Why do I still do stupid things some time and fail on occasion?
The reason for this is simple… the unseen real cannot protect us from ourselves!
For instance, if I was not in a receptive state and didn’t hear them as they yelled at me to ‘put the light on’…  they could not have helped me any further… we are still ultimately responsible in the third dimension for ourselves… they can only turn up and wait for instruction…. or in this case, give instruction!

Breathe, let go and balance yourself… this is a good beginning to any day and the only way to solve a problem or make a positive difference in your life… when you relax and find the stillness inside yourself, you are far more likely to hear your ‘cheer squad’ and your ‘advisory committee’… because your inside chatter has calmed down.

Open your heart and your mind… learn to stop ‘thinking, thinking, thinking… and agree to ‘be in the moment’, open to all possibilities… relaxed and sure you are loved by God and all those from all dimensions who are part of your purpose and working with you… not as a great service to you… but in service to their own evolution… because you see…

The Angels, Guides and others who work with us, evolve and grow through service in our dimension… to our evolution… without us, they wouldn’t have a job!

So you see, it’s a two way street, where everyone can win… because after all, we know the God Force is not wasteful and does things with surprising economy and swiftness.

We are all sparks from The Divine Flame… playing out our time on earth for the purpose of discovering joy, learning to love our fellow man and give up judgment on ourselves and each other….

Because the greater truth is… if you are in judgment on anything… you have become part of the problem!

Be free.

Give up judgment and fear of abandonment…

Breathe with focused intent and find your inner balance… when you are in a balance, whatever your problem… the answer is within 50ft…  to be sure… the light switch was a lot closer than that!

Blazing tales of wonder, remembering all we have ever been and are about to become…

Your sister through chaos and comfort,
Shankari the Alchemist

7 thoughts on “Being in the moment”

  1. Hi Shankari,

    I too am of the light and have a lot of stories to tell. Right now I am at a cross road. Trying to discover my path in life. It’s not easy. Just pray for me that an angel will take me by the hand and put me on my chosen path. I’m 48 yrs. still saying what do I want to be when I grow up. Hahahaha… I am a positive light for people. My energy changes them. Makes them “SEE THE LIGHT”… I’ve had numerous experiences and much help from the Real World. We are in the Dream World right now and we are here to experience Love in many different forms. Then we return Home when all is said and done…

    Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!


  2. Blessings Shankari,

    The Universe directed me to your website several weeks ago and what a blessing of love and support you are to me. As a Bearer of LIGHT, I too have the inate KNOWING that I am divinely protected. The stories of protection would fill a book. We have all contracted to be here in this time of enLIGHTenment to anchor love and LIGHT and to be of service to others. It is with humble gratitude that I am in deep appreciation for the benevolent beings that loving guide and protect us doing so without need for acknowledgment, yet knowing that the more we listen to them and appreciate them the more they work on our behalf.

    Thank you for your service to humanity. While I have your attention I am wondering if you would let your readers know about a worldwide event taking place on June 21st. It is called LIVE H2O:Concert For Living Waters. Here in California we have four venues with the anchor being in Long Beach. Live H2O:United By Love is a three day FREE “LoveFest” with speakers, musicians, and spiritual leaders to bless the waters of our planet with LOVE and GRATITUDE. All involved are donating their time and resources for this worthy cause.

    We are being UNITED around the world with almost 40 other locations including Bethleham and Mother’s Gaia’s Heart Chakra – Glastonbury. We will infuse human consciousness with the highest vibration on the planet – LOVE!!! We would love for you to be a part of this event as well. You can go to for more information.

    May every moment be filled with awe inspiring sychronicity!

    Love and LIGHT

  3. Hi Shankari! As always, I enjoy your articles. Recently, I lost my husband due to complications in Surgery. He had Cancer in October of 2008 and came out in remission in February 2009. He was so happy he made it through. His bags were packed to go back to Dubai to work. His Radiation Doctor gave him a clean bill of health but the Chemo Doctor told him that Esophageal Cancer could return again in the future so he recommended for Glenn to have an Elective surgery to remove the Esophagus before he returns to work because then the Cancer would not be able to return to that area. He suffered from pain after the surgery and also got bad blood through a transfusion and aquired Mersa at the hospital along with Pneumonia. I thought to myself why did we have him do this elective Surgery. Why after a clean bill of health from being in Remission did he have to die. God only knows. The doctor made huge mistakes with another human beings life and I was very angry at this. I realized one wonderful thing though. God did heal my husband in a big way before he died. I was able to calm my husbands anxiety with sending him Reiki (which he requested on a daily basis.) The last week he was alive he couldn’t talk too much but mentioned he saw Doves and had visitors come to see him. I said Who Came? He said I don’t know them but they are very friendly. Then the last two days he slept a lot and the day before he died I whispered in his ear about his Guides and Angels that will come for him and that he is totally safe with them and it was alright to trust them and that he is safe and will be out of pain when he lets go. I even told him that he would take a deep breath in like he was Meditating and then as he blew the remainder of air out he would then pass over. I also reassured him that his family would be fine and that God would support us too. He slept most of the night and in the morning I heard some rough breathing for a couple of seconds and then he was gone! God did indeed heal him. God healed his Soul and our relationship before he passed on. So in the moment it was so beautiful to be there for him and I will always remember this time that was so special to me. Whether it was truly his time to go we won’t know but please pray for my children so that they may come to understand later in life why Dad had to die. Glenn left behind his wife Sylvia, Son Rocky, Son Austin, Son Caleb, Daughter Alissa, and Son Garrett. In love and light! Sylvia Trainor

  4. Thank you Shankari. You are a great influence, full of wisdom and light, an excellent role model to look up to.

  5. Hi, Shankari! I returned from Maui thankful to be alive. I found a large spider living in the room where I stayed. It had terrified me so! I was so excited before trekking to Hawaii, but also realize that experiences aren’t how I imagine them to be. It is always a parting of the real world, to be brought back to how the way in which reality is. I struggled with this concept for years in my life. I think that reading this story before I left had impacted my experience. I was not allowed the full time I had paid for nor received a refund. I actually spent more in one week than I make in a year. So, not that I am complaining it is sad to me that I couldn’t see through the hour glass before I made a spontaneous decision. I seek a connection with people, but find that in the search I am farther away and I want it to be like how I expect. It is like a gift left unappreciated when u thought ahhh epiphany. They are really going to like this! But, they don’t. I watched a video last night call Tai Chi. It was about betrayal. I thought yes. I feel. The man in the story lost his buttons because he couldn’t accept how reality is. A part of his journey into the spirit. However, I see, do see.

    Thank you for this time. Aloha, Heidi.

  6. Dear Heidi, I can feel your anxiety through the ether!
    Let’s take this one step at a time….

    You made a spontaneous decision to go trekking in the rain forest of Kawaii …
    In the process you were given a room that had another resident… a large spider.

    This situation because of your fear, undermined your ability to relax and enjoy your holiday. On your return you felt ripped off and angry that what you imagined would be the outcome of your decision to spend so much money on yourself, failed to measure up to your expectations and didn’t in fact “change your life”!

    Please let me know if I have misunderstood anything.
    OK… so my first question is, why would you think the rain forest would be free of spiders and other small hairy creatures? That’s where they live… it was their home first.

    Secondly… spiders have no interest in humans… unless they are caught in our clothes and are forced to bite us out of panic… that’s what happened when I was recently bitten by a spider in Hawaii. In Australia there are some nasty spiders who do actually attack you but they are very few and far between. I imagine the one in Kawaii was simply patiently waiting for you to leave his room. Human fear of insects is encouraged by the drug companies that want you to lie awake at night in fear until you use one of their many solutions to destroying the natural world.

    I feel for you… I completely understand the need to fit in, the desire to communicate with like minded souls and the sense of abandonment at the end of the day… I went to Norway once to do a course in Esoteric Sound… before I left I thought this would be a chance to be a student again, to meet like minded people and to become a part of an international community… this is not what happened… but I can say I enjoyed the drama… I realized I had been thrown back into a high school mentality and everyone was jostling for position by the teacher… true community of like minded souls I believe is more likely to come from a blog such as this rather than our romanticized world view before the actual experience…

    The bottom line is we can never have a holiday from ourselves and very often, without knowing it, we are our own worst enemy! Anything unresolved from our past is sure to step up and bite us in the butt the minute we think no one will notice!
    Blazing tales of wonder remembering all we have ever been or are about to become…. your sister through chaos and comfort… S xxxx

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