Shankari the Alchemist has been a student of ‘the mysteries’ for many decades. Born in Sydney Australia in August 1951, she expresses the agility and independence of the birth year of the cat (rabbit) and the boldness inherent in the sun sign of the Lioness!
Shankari has two successful businesses she has built over the past twenty years in Bali Indonesia and is currently working on a Creative Arts Festival for Kau County, Big Island Hawaii…. (The poorest place with no running water and the least State and Federal resources in the whole of the United States of America).
Shankari believes this Festival of Creative Arts is destined to become the focal point of an entire community of creative artists, working in all fields… providing new and exciting possibilities for the 70,000 Foster Children currently living and evolving in the Hawaiian Islands…..
Shankari is a consummate artist in many fields and a jewelry designer to the stars. She has five children and nearly seven grandchildren… she calls these her ‘secret weapon’ because they have always kept her grounded and real… a breath of fresh air in these strange end times.
Shankari has been studying and practicing Ritual Magic for the last forty years, she is if you like ‘a veteran’ with a long track record of personal service to her community…. She is one of the more remarkable people you will ever meet… Eloquent, passionate and experienced…. Is there a more potent combination for success as a teacher of ‘the mysteries’ ? When you meet her, you will see for yourself…. She is a force of nature and an emissary of the “Living Goddess”… in service to the health, healing and evolution of the children of the earth.
Shankari is turning 60 this year and it seems obvious, she has only just begun! Shankari says ‘The study and practice of Ritual Magic keeps you young and vibrant, come join me and enjoy every day of the rest of your life”…. An antidote to depression on every level…. Shankari the Alchemist has been described as “the audio anti depressant”. Enjoy the journey with her…. She is an Alchemist on every level…. Transforming lead to gold, metaphorically and actually within your own frequency of being.
Shankari believes the future of the world is in the balance. Children and the child within each of us need to be nurtured and loved into  full potential… to this end she has registered “The Stone Soup Moving Feast” (501C3) Foundation to support the education and creative evolution of the 70,000 foster children (due to Ice and other local challenges) of the Hawaiian Islands. This is where her passion lies today… she says “without passion what’s the point?”
An artist and a creative entrepreneur, Shankari the Alchemist is one of the most remarkable people of our times, she has that unique skill, that activates the desire for evolution within others and the potential within yourself.