A Slice of History… On its way to Big Island from Bali Indonesia, August 2011 (Editorial Inspirations Magazine, Hawaii)

Balinese Nyepi 2011
Balinese Nyepi 2011

Europe: During the last half of the 1800’s the Dutch were occupying and enslaving the Balinese people. They were the labor force compelled to grow “the spices for the cooking pots of Europe”. Hawaii was just beginning its journey with European Culture, yet to become the undereducated, overweight, island c hain, once the paradise of the Kamehameha clan.

Bali: Just 75 years ago in Bali Indonesia, a group of Dutch colonialists and local businessmen decided it would be a good idea to bring the ‘Wicker Man’ festival from Northern Europe to Bali. This concept evolved into what is known today as Nyipi and the “Ogoh Ogoh” Festival. The word Nyipi is a derivation of the Dutch way of saying Yippee! The ‘Ogre’ Puppets or Ogoh Ogoh are giant paper-mache sculptures made with wood and bamboo internal skeletons. The Balinese people so thoroughly adopted this universal idea it ultimately became an important part of their calendar year. The purpose, in both geographical regions, is to celebrate community and cleanse the physical environment from negative energy.

Hawaii 2011: On August 18 – 22 Australian born jewelry designer, Shankari the Alchemist (shankari.com) and her team of international, intrepid global light workers known as ‘The Stone Soup Moving Feast’ will lead the building of an astounding group of Ogoh Ogoh (giant puppets) on the Island of Hawaii. The puppets will be built on the grounds of the future home of the Ocean View Creative Arts Center, intended to provide life skills and a wide variety of support to all the foster children of the islands.

Ocean View Hawaii… the poorest place in the islands…where anything can happen! Why there when it’s obviously more convenient and definitely more comfortable almost anywhere else? Because we at ‘Stone Soup Moving Feast’ are committed to helping the poorest communities become revitalized. Ka’u County, home of Ranchos, Ocean View, is the prize winner for getting the least federal and state funding of any place in the whole of the USA. It is also the largest community in America that has no running water!

Shankari The Alchemist
Shankari The Alchemist

In other words they need our help the most! Everyone is invited to join in… choose a role that suits your own nature. These powerful Ogoh Ogoh will absorb the negativity (the residue of hard drugs, family abuse and domestic violence) from the earth of Hawaii and allow for deep healing to begin within our local communities and ourselves. Why not join us and experience life-enforcing fun, doing great work for the children of Hawaii, supporting their development to become a powerful force for good upon the earth.

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