That might seem too good to be true for some people. Imagine if you spent the first hour of every work day doing meditation, yoga and singing. Shankari the Alchemist, the world renowned designer of Talismans of Power by Shankari pays her staff to do just that. During the first hour of every work day Shankari’s staff meet at eight am in a modest sized ballroom with carved stone dragon pillars and timber flooring.

Shankari’s staff start each day with a combination of meditation, yoga and sacred Hindu Chants. When asked why she does this for her staff Shankari says,

“People who are balanced and happy do great work. The first hour of each day is an investment in the quality of the work. It sets the tone for the rest of the day and the good will created carries into each piece of jewelry and ultimately to the wearer. This creates a product that not only looks great but it has spiritual integrity as well. I think consumers really care about that sort of thing. These days you must walk your talk to be taken seriously.”

The quality of their work really shows. Shankari’s team are responsible for creating some of the most magnificent jewelry the world has ever seen. Don’t take my word for it. Have a look your self and you be the judge.

Maybe there is something to it after all. The smiling happy faces are hard to miss around her small Bali factory. It is nice to know that the people who make it actually care about the subtle qualities as much as the physical appearance of Shankari’s amazing jewelry.

So know I know the secret to why Shankari jewelry makes me feel so good when I wear it. It’s like a home cooked meal. Created with love by people who care.

see: www.Shankari.com

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