The New Year’s Eve fire circle at Oceanview on the Big Island of Hawaii, at the Mystery School was spectacular! There were more guests than I had expected! People kept arriving from around the island and around the world.

I felt the presence of many ancient and future students and creative souls from around the world, around the sacred fire.

The Great Mother of all creation was kind to us. The trade winds were gentle and the night sky clear and sparkling with a billion stars. We performed ceremony directly under the Milky Way with the Moon and Jupiter as our sentinels. With the smell of Plumeria (Franjipani) and night blooming jasmine on the breeze, our spirits soared.

Each participant provided a piece- a poem, a song, a mantra, a musical interlude. The tapestry of grace and beauty created by their overlapping love was a breath taking experience.

We shared Pomegranate wine from a Persian Blue Glass Chalice and declared our intention for change and positive evolution then grounded our purpose with the energy of the Star Ruby in the crystal wand dedicated to the mystery school. Spirals of light from the grid mixed with the fire works as they spun in space.

I felt you there. I felt the energies of the planet re-aligning for the better. I felt in my bones how powerful we all are as a team intending to do good upon the Earth.

I believe in you and your power to make a difference!

I am ready, everyday adjusting to what IS and never complaining about what IS NOT. You are becoming masters of your own destiny. It is the skill to use what YOU HAVE to create WHAT YOU WANT, and never complaining, explaining, and dismissing our power to make a positive difference here and now, with what you have available NOW. Opening up to all possibilities, feeling the love of the universe lift us up and out of fear and sadness and into trust and joy!

We can make 2009 really wonderful because we are the ones having the experience. Choose to love and live in joy, the here and now, and live in appreciation-this is how to magnetically align to all good things.

Loving you from the inside out!

Blazing tales of Wonder, remembering all we have ever been and all we are about to become.

Your sister through chaos and comfort,

Shankari the Alchemist.

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